Giving back to the less privileged

Corporate houses have a duty to enable all living beings to get a fair share of the planet’s resources. IREP Credit Capital Private Limited (IREP), believes in giving back to the Society and its people through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. We predominately work towards providing a better education to the less privileged kids along with other activities as per the mutual decision of the Management.

IREP carries out its objective of providing a better education to the less privileged kids and other CSR Activities through Akanksha Foundation, NGO since the year 2014.

The donations made every year are used for less privileged children in Mumbai and Pune.

  • In 2014, IREP made a donation to Footsteps 4 good. It is a platform for raising funds by various NGOs.
  • In 2015, IREP made a donation to Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon.
  • Since 2016, IREP started donating for Laxmi Nagar Mumbai Public School by contributing its funds for expenses towards educational materials to the students, payments to the trained staff for students, for making provisions for services such as emergency healthcare and student welfare, travel, infrastructural support etc.

Laxmi Nagar Mumbai Public School

IREP Credit Capital Pvt. Ltd. partly supports the running of Laxmi Nagar Mumbai Public School. The year 2012 saw the Laxmi Nagar Mumbai Public School begin classes with a limited Junior Kg batch of just 38 children. The parents of children attending the school are mostly employed in the private sector as house helps or are public transport drivers. With children being at their most vulnerable age, the school aims at not just at providing an academic but a full fledged holistic growth to its kids. IREP other than carrying out activities for the welfare of the school also organizes events where in the employees of IREP along with Akanksha participate in the events like:

Christmas Party

On 22 December 2017, IREP along with employees organized a Christmas party for the kids at Laxmi Nagar Mumbai Public School. It turned out to be a fun filled day for both the children and the IREP employees that participated.

Many of the children at the school had never experienced a Christmas celebration before. A Christmas tree was brought into the school by the IREP employees along with lots of decorative items for the tree. The kids, with the help of the IREP employees, decorated the entire tree.

Everyone enjoys magic shows kids especially never like to miss one. After the tree decoration, IREP had arranged for a magic show for the kids. There were plenty of engaging tricks that he performed one after the other. The kids greatly enjoyed the show, so the response was also a generous one. After the magic show, there was even a real life Santa Clause, who distributed snacks to all the kids. The kids had never seen a Santa Clause and were delighted to see him and relished the snacks.

Cars Movie

On 20 July 2018, IREP along with employees organized a screening of animated movie CARS for the kids at Laxmi Nagar Mumbai Public School.

Every kid was given a movie ticket which was a picture of the famous Lightning McQueen car with the details of the show printed on it. During the movie, the kids were given snacks like samosa and juice to give them experience of real multiplex. The kids had a wonderful experience and enjoyed the movie show and the snacks.

At the end of the movie, the teachers asked the kids of what they had learnt from the movie. All kids were delighted to answer and the main purpose of showing a movie was achieved when they replied that it helped them discovered that life isn’t just about trophies, fame, winning but also about family, helping others and friendship.

Sitapur Eye Hospital

Sitapur Eye Hospital has been a leading eye institute of North India since 1935. Established originally in 1927, it has been serving the people of India with more than 80 years of excellence. This hospital has latest equipment and instruments for investigations and treatment. It is one of the best equipped Eye Hospitals of the World.

With growing facilities for eye treatment and demand of eye treatment centres, the State Government introduced Zonal Eye Relief Scheme in the year 1951 with a view to demarcate areas of operation of different eye organisations and Medical Colleges. Eye Hospital, Sitapur was originally given 23 districts of this province having population of 40 million for organising eye relief work. Eye Hospital, Sitapur gradually started district eye hospital in each district as branch of the parent body.The first branch hospital was started in Faizabad in the year 1949.

Now each district within Sitapur Zone has got a full fledged eye hospital. They are under the charge of highly qualified and experienced Ophthalmic surgeons and paramedical staff. Bigger branch hospitals have 2 or 3 surgeons. Every branch hospital has got all facilities for investigation and treatment. The bed strength of these District Eye Hospitals varies from 25 to 200 according to the requirement of the hospital. (the images are for representation purposes only to show the activities carried out by the Hospital and have been sourced from the website of the hospital. IREP/group companies/directors/employees do not claim any ownership of the same.)

IREP made a donation to the hospital for the FY 2018_19, which would help the hospital to equipped itself with the best available equipment and instruments for investigations and treatment.

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Founded in 2014, KARO is a public charitable trust that provides holistic healthcare to low-income communities and patients which extends support beyond the financial needs of the patients and helps in preventive healthcare, rehabilitation and mental health support by providing quality healthcare to all, especially those with cancer and other life threatening diseases like . They work with hospitals, communities and schools as well as other non-profits to further promotive and preventive healthcare.

Since 2014, they have assisted more than 500 patients and their families by providing support, based on need, which includes accommodation, nutritious food, counselling, treatments (which included surgery, medication, chemotherapy, radiation), rehabilitation and monetary support.

IREP made a donation to the hospital for the FY 2019_20, which would help the hospital to equipped itself with the best available accommodation, food and treatment.

Other CSR Initiatives

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